Total balls snagged:


# of MLB ballparks: 3 (Old Yankee stadium, Camden Yards, New Yankee Stadium)

Milb ballparks: 2

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ballhawking Blog Introduction

Hello folks, this is rookie ballhawk named James. I am 16 years old and currently living in Pennsylvania. I am originally from New York but moved  down here since the start of 4th grade. I am a huge baseball fan…my favorite team is the Yankees but love watching any team play and going to see any team play live at any stadium. Thats how much of a huge baseball fan I am! I only been to about 8 games in my life, but I am now going more and more and will now try to snag my first ever baseball and become a ballhawk through my rookie year and beyond. SO just a quick brief introduction as I enter my rookie ballhawk season and ill post some links as you can follow my ballhawking adventures and other things I write about. I also love to attend minor league ballparks time to time but don't try to snag baseballs at those games cause gates only open an hour early and basically miss out on BP.
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